CBBS is there for every business owner with employees and the corresponding administration. And for every legal assistance insurer that has questions about its clients’ salaries. You can turn to us for consultancy and advice in relation to complex wage issues. Even if you do not purchase any other services from us.

For business owners

We are happy to use our expertise and substantive knowledge of specific branches of industry and collective labour agreements to provide advice on issues related to payroll administration. For example, if you appear to have suffered damage as a result of faulty payments or in the event of gaps in the payroll administration.

We do this for companies that need independent insight, but also for legal consultancy firms.

Our intervention can consist of screening a salary and wage administration or providing advice in setting up and implementing a new payroll administration. We provide expert personnel to solve the problem.

With our quick scan, we focus on:

  • Applying and complying with the CLA
  • Applying deviating arrangements
  • Setting up the payroll administration
  • Recalculating salaries (as part of spot checks or in their entirety)
  • Reconciling the employment contract, employee card, payroll administration and pay slip
  • Procedures relating to the entry of data, percentages, relationship checks
  • Audits of input (variables) and output (journal entries, pay slips)
  • Audits of payments, for example of wage costs and pension returns
  • Audits of special schemes, such as premium and payment reductions
  • Audits of special schemes Sector premium short/long-term employment

For legal assistance insurers

We are also the right partner for legal assistance insurers. If a dispute has arisen between an insurer’s client and his/her employer, for instance, or in the event of uncertainty concerning schemes from the collective labour agreement.

We are happy to help with:
  • The final salary settlement based on CLA agreements upon employee departure
  • The final settlement of salary based on a settlement agreement
  • Correct calculation of the severance payment
  • Applying the regulations to determine the severance payment
We also take care of:
  • Settling leave days
  • Applying CLA schemes for an employment contract
  • Applying salary scales, allowances for overtime or deviating working hours
  • Applying fringe benefits, contractually, statutorily prescribed by the CLA
  • Checks of application of time-for-time schemes
  • Checks of application of ‘cafeteria models’; checks of conversion value.

Help desk service

With all our services, our clients can count on free support from the help desk. We also offer our expertise to business owners who do not make use of our services but who have questions about, for instance, remuneration and the CLA.

So if you get stuck or have an urgent question related to payroll administration but have no one to ask, by all means make use of our help desk service. You can always make direct use of our knowledge at a very reasonable price.

From € 250 per year

Are you not a client of ours but you require in-depth knowledge and advice? You can purchase a subscription with our help desk for just €250 per year. This allows you to ask us all your questions about, for instance, employment conditions and contracts, the CLA, but also about dismissal cases and staff regulations. Our professionals will not rest until your question has been answered in full.

We determine the definitive rate after each year. This depends on the number of hours for which you made use of our help desk. Depending on whether you used more or fewer hours, the amount may be increased or reduced by maximum 25%.

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